Product Manager – Integrations

About the role:
As Product Manager at Candis, you will assess the current state of our DATEV integration and identify areas for improvement that will streamline processes and minimize effort.

Through regular testing, you will improve and maintain the reliability and performance of the DATEV integration, ensuring a seamless experience for our users.

By conducting user research through interviews with domain experts, including accountants and finance professionals, you will develop a deep understanding of user pain points and preferences. You will gather valuable insights into industry trends and identify the most valuable accounting features.

You will collaborate in a cross functional team, and work on migrating and improving our DATEV API to ensure seamless data exchange and reduce errors. Refactoring the DATEV export functionality will be one of your priorities, aiming to enhance its accuracy and reduce errors that may occur during the export process. You will facilitate brainstorming sessions and map out user journeys to identify areas for improvement and uncover opportunities for new features.

Additionally, you will play a key role in defining the future roadmap within your team, and build strategies to develop and monetize new features and drive revenue growth, which will contribute to the success of Candis.


Job requirements
About you:
You are an individual who thrives in the accounting space and possesses a genuine passion for solving real-life accounting problems through innovative feature development. You have a deep appreciation for the complexity of accounting processes and enjoy staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

You are driven by the opportunity to innovate and build new solutions, and you thrive in cross-functional team environments. You possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, allowing you to effectively collaborate with stakeholders, domain experts, and development teams.

Overall, you are a dedicated and forward-thinking Product Manager who finds fulfilment in the accounting domain, enjoys collaborative work environments, and is passionate about building innovative features that revolutionize the way accounting professionals work.


Here is what equips you best for this role:

You are fluent in both German and English, to be able to conduct interviews in German and relay findings to the team in English.
Accounting and/or DATEV knowledge. You understand how accounting processes work and where they can be improved.
Strong product discovery skills. You can create research objectives, know who to talk to, know how to identify your target group and set up questions.
Strong collaboration skills. You will not only be collaborating with our tech teams but also our Customer Operations team. You will create documentation and ensure we have a smooth process to resolve customer problems.
You have experience working in an Agile environment and know best practices. There will be daily collaboration with your team’s designer and developers, testing, technical discussions, giving feedback early and continuously.

Bonus points if you have:

A technical understanding of software development lifecycle best practices.
Experience with compliance, financial data, data security.