Experienced Product Manager

Full-Time Anywhere

Loco2’s mission is to make booking trains anywhere in Europe as easy and affordable as possible, from epic international adventures to everyday local commutes. Our booking coverage is unrivalled and growing.

We’re looking for an experienced product manager to join our product/engineering team. We need an excellent written communicator who can strike a delicate balance between formal agile methodologies and pragmatism when using them in practice.

At Loco2 we care deeply about building an inclusive, open and supportive work environment. We behave with respect for people and the planet and are seeking a diverse range of candidates that share these values.

About us

We’re a small, passionate and cosmopolitan team, with a healthy remote-first culture and an office in London. Our success is built on trust, empathy and shared knowledge, with our users at the centre of what we do. We’re proud to have an average rating of 9.3 out of 10 on Trustpilot after 22,000 reviews.

We’ve been selling tickets since 2012 (read our full story here), and we’re growing rapidly as the business matures. Our goal is to scale effectively whilst continuing to delight our users.

Why join us?

  • Our product solves real frustrations felt by travellers every day, and we have the privilege to receive real feedback on a daily basis.
  • We have a unique opportunity to radically improve ground transport journey-planning and booking tools and continue disrupting the market.
  • We’re data-informed but not data-driven and we leave room for creativity.
  • We typically deploy code many times a day and can define and deliver ideas with satisfying speed when appropriate.
  • We strive to learn and improve together in a supportive environment as the wider tech ecosystem evolves.
  • We offer flexible hours and an established remote working culture that is built on trust. Work around your schedule and when you’re most productive.
  • Our days are not full of meetings and needless distractions. Allowing others to achieve flow is a big part of supporting each other.
  • Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, think creatively and suggest new working practices. We have a small team so your voice will be heard.

Role description

Loco2’s founding team has achieved a huge amount with limited resources. We now have the investment to significantly expand our product/engineering team (see other positions we’re hiring for).

Product management is still led by co-founder Jamie Andrews but with lots of involvement from other stakeholders in the business. As well as supporting the growth of engineering and UX teams, you’ll also be working closely with colleagues in business development, marketing and customer support.

We use Trello extensively and have over 14 active boards across the company. Cards move freely between product and non-product boards as necessary. As a remote-first team we have a diligent approach to documentation, including our unique Kanban-focused product management processes that have evolved over time.

We’re seeking an experienced product manager who is excited about getting stuck into day-to-day product management tasks such as:

  • Understanding our product priorities in relation to the wider ground transportation market and translating user need into action
  • Working with our UX team to clarify requirements and finalise designs
  • Assisting with daily prioritisation decisions (including triaging new cards) and ensuring that distractions for the tech team are minimised
  • Conducting acceptance testing and sometimes making pragmatic UX decisions on the fly
  • Helping to oversee our outsourced QA resource
  • Understanding and leading conversion rate optimisation (including using A-B testing) in collaboration with colleagues from data and marketing

We need someone who is keen to understand our current processes but not be afraid to challenge them as we consider formalising certain aspects of product development, particularly as we seek to increase our velocity with a larger team and to manage the associated risks.

Of the many challenges you will be tackling, perhaps the largest will be supporting the creation of multiple focused teams, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of siloed communication.

About you

We are open-minded about the specific experience we require of candidates, but it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to consider hiring anyone without at least some experience working at a technology company, either in a product management or engineering role.

The following things are strongly welcomed:

  • An understanding of agile principles like Kanban, Scrum, standups, sprints, continuous delivery, retrospectives, devops, code reviews etc.
  • Experience using communication/product management tools like Trello, Basecamp, Github, Slack, Invision etc.
  • Excellent written communication skills. You are pedantic about spelling, grammar and formatting, but remain an affable human being nonetheless.
  • An ability to ask the 5 whys when understanding the nature of a problem, and to concisely communicate findings in writing.
  • A working understanding of the difference between client-side and server-side programming (and ideally some specific knowledge about JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Ruby).
  • A working understanding of “big data” tools like Mixpanel, Google Analytics (even better if you know how to write SQL queries)
  • Finding Loco2’s mission motivating and being enthusiastic about contributing to our company culture.
  • Being able come to our office in Bermondsey (London) once a week or more as necessary.