Product manager (web)

Full-Time Anywhere

We are seeking a product manager who will be responsible for analyzing key metrics, conducting market research, and developing the product to meet customer expectations. 🔥

With us you can get:

➡️ High level of impact on the result

In our company PM is an extremely autonomous role. We see this kind of employee as the CEO of the product. Our position is amazing for anybody that is tired of being constrained by bureaucratic procedures in corporations (usually), but instead wants to express themselves, experiment and find new ways to develop the product.

➡️ Strong team of professionals

Everyone highlights our team of amazing experts who are dedicated to the idea. Here, your creativity is encouraged, a positive atmosphere is fostered and high-quality standards of work are established. We do not hesitate to say that we have unique expertise in the market.

➡️ Innovations

Our product will be responsible for creating a breakthrough product in a fast-growing market🔝

Actually, the PM in our company is a superstar, the most “rock‘n’roll” position 🙂

Ready to join our team? Apply below and let us know, what you’ll bring to this role.


You will 🚀
Our team specializes in a variety of services that can help your business thrive in the digital world. Some of the ways we can assist you include:

Designing custom web application interfaces for institutional clients that are tailored to their unique needs, which can help streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency.
Creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites and landing pages that can attract and engage your target audience.
Developing key metrics for your website to track its performance and identify areas for improvement, which can help you make data-driven decisions to optimize your online presence.
Conducting comprehensive market research to help you understand your target market and develop effective strategies to reach them.
We are committed to providing high-quality services that can help you achieve your business goals and stand out from the competition.


You have 
• Experience in product and team management as a PM, PO, Product Lead 4+ years
• Blockchain expertise (Knowledge in Ethereum is a plus)
• Experience in creating and improving web application interfaces
• Successful products in a portfolio or growth hacks that you are proud of
• Expertise in product management: analytics, finance, planning, marketing
• Entrepreneurial thinking
• Fluent English

Bonus if you have 😎
• Successful team management experience
• Engineering/Science background is preferable

Preferred location: Europe


What we offer

We have a team of experts with their own unique approach and ownership culture. Together we gain experience and make dreams come true!

• Work from anywhere in the world: an international distributed team
Competitive salary level: $80.000-$100.000 /year
• Well-being program
• Mental Health care program
• Compensation for education, including English & professional growth courses
• Equipment & co-working reimbursement program
• Overseas conferences, community immersion
• Positive and friendly communication culture

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