Product Manager

About us We have huge ambitions for Moonpig and believe our products are at the heart of our drive for growth. As a result, we’re looking for an exceptional Product Manager who can help lead the charge!

We don’t sell ‘off the shelf’ products … we’re personal. Every single thing you buy from us is unique to you. The purpose of our great family of brands is to magic our customers’ photos, words and feelings into precious objects that make them smile, laugh and, sometimes, cry. We’re in the business of ‘one-of-a-kind’ and so delighting each and every customer is central to everything we do.

What’s important to us:  

We’re serious about shipping but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We think agile is useful but we’re not zealots.
We optimise for JFDI. We strongly believe in the value of good design.
We believe it is a primary differentiator in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Also, we refuse to ship ugly, inelegant crap.
We strongly believe in the value of data.
We run a team that is data- informed.
We think being data- driven is soulless and dangerous. Clean, confident, clear data combined with insights of the team is what drives our decisions.
We want to build small, collaborative, cross-functional teams that push each other to create elegant, simple solutions to hard customer problems.
No matter what the role we want everyone to be obsessed with getting inside the minds of our customers.