Product Management Internship – Summer 2024

The 2024 EBSCO Product Management Internship is a cross-discipline experience for college students who want to learn to change the world as B2B Product Managers in a large company.

This remote position is U.S.-based only (excluding U.S. territories), with required working hours 9am – 5pm EDT

As part of the EIS Summer Intern Program, interns receive a dedicated orientation program starting on June 10th, and participate in enrichment and training events with fellow interns across the company. To learn more about the EIS Summer Internship Program, please visit –

What You’ll Do

Actively learn from full-time Product Managers. How they gather data, write requirements, create designs, make informed decisions, and ship products that solve customer & user problems in our industry
Ask thoughtful questions, think about the bigger picture, and proactively build bridges to learn from colleagues, customers, and industry stakeholders.
Cultivate deep curiosity, with a significant capacity for learning. Creativity will help you, but only if you can structure and organize your insights and learn to work effectively both independently, running your own workstreams, and collaboratively, as part of a larger team of mission-driven product managers & technologists.
Speak the truth boldly & respectfully. We invite you to cultivate new sources of data and challenge you to balance data ambiguity with clarity. You should seek to understand the “Why” for key business decisions and be courageous in asking hard questions about the future of our products, teams, and culture. When you get the opportunity to pursue new ideas, you will take a scientific approach to building hypotheses, gathering data, and partnering with others to test, validate, and pivot based on what you learn.
Work cross-functionally based on interest & skillset. (i.e., market analysis, competitive intelligence, product analytics, user research, design thinking, product specifications & requirements, and product strategy vision work)
Own high impact business initiatives and collaborate with others in PM on cross-functional projects across the discovery & delivery lifecycle (per business opportunity)

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