Sr Business Solutions Owner

Part-Time Anywhere

Job Purpose:
This position is responsible for researching emerging technologies and aligning business technology strategy, developing capability and maturity roadmaps, and managing stakeholders, while ensuring that the customer/user goals and visions are implemented and the value of the technology is maximized. Collaborate with internal stakeholders to understand demand to generate and get buy-in on technology vision and priorities while meeting enterprise standards. Accountable to make business-related decisions throughout the project lifecycle to ensure progress of technology development. Provides sponsorship for technologies.

Required Job Qualifications:
* Bachelor*s Degree and 7 years of technology management experience OR 9 years of technology management experience
* 4 years of  leadership experience
* Experience with Agile (Scrum, XP, etc.) or Waterfall delivery models
* Demonstrated experience managing 3-5 technology projects per year; and 2-5M per project per year
* Demonstrated knowledge of technologies / delivery model for assigned technology
* Experience working with different levels of technology maturity/ technologies
* Effectively executes capability development for assigned technologies
* Strong domain knowledge, understanding of target customers
* needs and appropriate business knowledge
* Experience managing across a portfolio of technology projects across repositories, subject area, sources and releases to find optimum synergizes to develop a master schedule for horizontal alignment

Preferred Job Qualifications:
* Health care management experience