Technology advances at a blindingly fast pace, and what seemed like the best from a few months ago may well be obsolete today. Piktochart is always looking for ways to empower our users to be more creative and efficient in telling their stories visually. In order to do so, we need someone who is user-centric and always think from the user’s perspective, and execute projects together with a cross-functional team from diverse culture and background.

Piktochart is currently serving over 10 million users worldwide, and have inspired people across diverse industries to communicate their ideas more effectively through creative use of visuals. As you can then imagine, there are always tough decisions to be made with tons of requests from users, so the understanding of data will greatly assist you in making the right call to prioritize and groom ideas! You’ll also need to make smart tradeoff between perfectionism and timely delivery in order to seize opportunities to iterate as we go. When all is said and done, we always celebrate our wins or even losses and arm ourselves with the learning to be leaner and smarter for the next project!

We’re now on the brink of exploring into the next generation of visual storytelling, so if this sounds like an adventure you’re up for then read on to find out more!

Your mission :

  • Feature grooming – A process that the PM oversees to get the feature ready for development.
  • Gather and write specs to communicate to the development team, and conduct independent research including contacting users as needed.
  • Formulate goals and success metrics for the product/project that you oversee, and track them.
  • Prioritize and manage project deliverables to meet timeline with the team.
  • Allocate resources within the team efficiently.
  • Define the roadmap and vision for the team.
  • Answerable to progress updates and timeline estimation and updates the company about why the projects are noteworthy. Includes a periodic update during MAM.
  • Act as a product evangelist inside the company (tell people why X product feature is needed, exciting, going to have a big impact, etc) and continue to over-communicate this.
  • Highlight issues or bottlenecks when product development is not going as planned. Communicate with the Unity team on an ongoing basis.
  • Coordinate help and input from shared resources (e.g. Dev Ops, Data scientists, Marketers, etc.) who are not exclusive to your team, as well as involving respective Team Leaders where necessary.

You offer :

  • 3+ years of experience in product management within a web environment with a strong track record of achieving product-market fit.
  • Knowledge of product management and development cycles as well as Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Able to work well with others and rally people around a single mission, no matter how challenging the task, and especially advocating for great user experience.
  • A healthy obsession over customers and quality.
  • Ability to make the best decision in the user, product, and company’s best interest, by balancing insights from rigorous data analysis and intuition.
  • Ability to reconcile a long-term product vision with a dynamic and iterative feature roadmap, which reflects learnings from experience and mistakes.
  • Has the hunger and humility to learn, great communication skills, can think independently, good attention to details and passionate for a product like Piktochart.