Technical Product Manager


We have a great team; a product that is loved by thousands of customers; and a passion for tools that make life better for people.

We are looking for a talented and ambitious product manager who can help shape the future of our company, and determine our course in this exciting and expanding product landscape.

Pusher is a tech-focused startup based in London, with a large and growing global user base. Our infrastructure powers apps from a wide variety of happy customers: from news broadcasters and live sports to social networking and mission-critical SaaS .

We provide easy to use APIs and SDKs that allow developers to quickly add realtime functionality into their web and mobile apps. Our vision is to help people to stop reinventing the wheel, and enable them to focus their time and energy into valuable and meaningful work.


– Be a steward for the overall vision for the product
– Translate the vision into meaningful features in collaboration with the Engineering team
– Negotiate requirements from Support, Sales, Marketing, and a technology-crazy CEO
– Relentlessly search for MVPs, and quick wins
– Be aware of technology trends (PasS, Docker, NodeJS, MicroServices, WebSockets)
– Share an enthusiasm for making people’s lives better through better technology
– Engage in customer development to work out how we can provide more value to our customers
– Inspire and engage people with concepts
– Manage internal expectations
– Translate technical product features into engaging product descriptions
– Handle feature launches, and beta tests
– Display commercial sensibilities, and be able to maximise revenue potential
– Have experience leading and motivating people
– Use data to make decisions


Pusher is a technical product aimed at developers – you need to be technically conversant and literate

– Ideally you know several programming languages
– Ideally you have opinions on what makes a good API (REST, JSON, XML)


– Project management experience
– Enthusiasm for Lean, Agile, Kanban
– Experience in a large scale distributed system

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to help a successful and profitable UK company continue doing awesome stuff.


– Salary: £50,000-£60,000 per annum (negotiable) + stock options
– Lovely peaceful canal-side office in the trendy Hackney
– Flexible hours
– Macbooks for all and whatever you need to get the job done.
– Shared Kindles and book budget
– Regular all-hands hackdays
– Profitable company
– A healthy dollop of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose


Send us an email at with your CV, and a cover letter describing why you would be a great fit at Pusher.