Product Manager

Telefónica Alpha

Alpha is Telefónica’s big bets innovation company. Telefónica is a telephone company with 320 million customers which operates in Europe (UK, Spain, Germany) and in Latin America.

alpha, with a solid backing, and access to massive data sets is building a team to work on groundbreaking and life changing projects and products in the health sector.

Alpha Health

Worldwide, healthcare costs have been increasing faster than GDP for 50 years, whilst key indicators such as life expectancy have plateaued in many countries.  The root cause is a change in disease burden – across the world, today’s biggest diseases and biggest killers are chronic diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and mental health disorders.  In fact, for every life saved from infections since 2000, we’ve lost two lives to chronic disease.

However, it’s now well-established that the main cause of chronic diseases is everyday behaviours such as poor diet, lack of exercise, using tobacco, excessive alcohol, or lack of sleep.  In 2008 the official leading cause of death in the US became personal choices; yet healthcare systems today are simply not designed to help people change these root causes of chronic disease. To make tackling everyday behaviours even harder, pioneers in neuroscience and behavioural economics have begun to reveal that people are not even really in conscious control of their behaviour. We’re learning that attention is such a scarce resource that we make many decisions – big and small – using automatic (and unconscious) processes.  It appears that the best way to tackle chronic disease is to help people optimise their happiness – using the basic drive for happiness to steer everyday behaviours.

At Alpha, we believe that advances in neuroscience, mobile computing, and machine learning now mean we can help people to take control of their own behaviour, optimise their life, and limit the effects of unhealthy behaviour on their bodies and their minds.

We believe that doing this will help people to manage and prevent a range of chronic diseases and help make personal changes that will improve their satisfaction with their life.  To achieve this, we are using cutting-edge digital insights and the smart, real-time interpretation of data to develop targeted tools, built around each user.

Of course, we recognize the myriad challenges involved in this work.  We are working systematically with our team of diverse minds in science, engineering and design to build breakthrough solutions to meet these challenges head-on.  To support our work, we are partnering with the best academics, developers, companies, and professionals around the world.

Our offices are in an iconic building located right by the Mediterranean Sea and close to the vibrant innovation and start-up business area of Barcelona.

Creating a platform for impact

Partnership is a vital part of how we work at Alpha, because it both improves our thinking by bringing in fresh perspectives, and facilitates the scaling of impact. For both of these reasons Alpha Health is seeking to build a platform that will facilitate the creation of a wide range of tools and interventions that can support a diverse global user base, across a wide range of use-cases, to improve their happiness and health.

The success of our platform depends on creating compelling value propositions for researchers and developers, who can supply the wide range of tools to our users. We believe that this requires: helping researchers and developers undertake research and build high impact tools as rapidly and cost effectively as possible; helping to bridge the ‘valley of death’ that currently exists between research and development; and ensuring that our user’s needs are translated into clear demand signals for researchers and developers.

We are establishing a team to take forward this thinking into an exciting and world-first product. The team will include engineers and designers, with access to the wider talent of Alpha Health as a whole. To get us started, we are looking for a Product Manager to lead this team in creating the Research and Development Platform.

You will work on

  • Create and develop a developer/research platform for behaviour change
  • Further develop the value propositions for researchers and developers, drawing on initial user research
  • Develop and manage the day-to-day execution of a plan to create the research platform
  • Work with the user research team on understanding your customers
  • Define and implement a KPI and analytics plan to measure impact
  • Testing out service and product ideas using prototypes
  • Based on user research, prioritize jobs to be done
  • Work with development and design to create simple solutions for the job to be done
  • Test our different options using A/B testing/multivariate testing
  • Based on user research, analytics and strategy, create and maintain a roadmap
  • Work with the development team on prioritization of work
  • Manage the backlog, sprint plannings and product definition
  • Work with strategy on positioning and go to market strategy
  • Work with engineering on aligning research and developer propositions to the creation of an underpinning ecosystem architecture
  • Communicate with and manage stakeholders

Create new platform products

As we are starting with a blank slate, we are searching for someone familiar with managing creating and testing new products and concepts, in particular the creation of platforms (i.e. products that facilitate the creation of products by third parties). You are familiar with lean startup, concept and prototype testing, user testing and lean analytics.

Experience with development teams

As our products are mostly digital you will have experience developing and launching products on mobile and web. It would be great if you launched products for developers or in the health space.

Diverse team

Along with data scientists, neuroscientists, user researchers, designers, strategists and developers you will work to create new services and have a direct impact on the success of the product. People in our team are from diverse backgrounds as Finland, Holland, US, Russia, Serbia, Greece, Spain and Venezuela and we normally talk in english (or spanish). We try to keep our processes as light as possible and apply lean startup, lean UX and a lot of prototyping.

On the beach

Our offices are literally on the beach in Barcelona and the views across the city and the see are great. Barcelona is known for its good food, architecture and weather.

Visa & relocation support

As most of us are not from Spain, we know that some help is needed with moving and getting a Visa. We will support you with that process (and your family).


We are looking for people with 10+ years experience in creating customer and business facing digital services, products, and platforms from scratch. You have experience in working with developers and researchers and ideally worked on creating services/products for them.


As we are testing (remotely) in various countries, high level of written and spoken level of english is required, spanish, very highly valued. Portuguese and german is a plus.