Technical Product Manager

About DDMR

We’re a bootstrapped, profitably growing, super scrappy startup hell-bent on shaking the data industry up. Our team is hyper-focused on building world-class data services and market research solutions that enterprise customers use to generate high-value insights.

Join us as we continue increasing the availability of data, reducing friction in its analysis, and ultimately level the playing field by lowering the barriers to data-driven insights for all.

About the Technical Product Manager position

We provide data and technology services to companies conducting digital consumer research. Millions of global internet panelists contribute billions of data points to our online browsing, shopping, and search products every single day.

You will be the first Technical Product Manager solely focused on our newly launched line of market research solutions. Your time will be split:

  • 10% staying abreast of new relevant innovations and the competitive landscape
  • 20% on identifying opportunities to improve our research products
  • 30% on producing specifications, diagrams, and other supporting documentation
  • 30% on project managing resources to bring these improvements to fruition
  • 10% providing sales and general support to your market research customers

You drive innovation for our market research technology business. In this role you will:

  • launch and own several new research products tailored to specific customer needs like passive metering, panel management, and sample fulfillment. Your work will range from the technical (managing our integration to research exchanges like Lucid) to the experiential (defining the UX and user flow for market researchers using our panel management interface).
  • create supporting product documentation for our innovation efforts, including specifications, diagrams, mind maps, and customer-facing copy. You should be familiar with InVision, Sketch, or other comparable products.
  • hop on calls with leads and customers to understand the challenges they facing and ideate new research solutions that we can build to help.
  • work with both domestic and oversees engineers based in Lviv, Ukraine. We’ll fly you out so you can socialize, strategize, and work alongside them.

About you, perfect candidate

  • You’re technical. You’ve PM’d software before, are familiar with AWS services, and understand software development practical realities and best practices.
  • You’re incredibly thoughtful about user experience. You can reference other website and mobile apps user flows that are applicable to the product problem at hand, and can draw up a mean mock-up. Some would even say you’ve got an “eye for design.”
  • You have a “business development” slant that strategically focuses product efforts towards fulfilling real market needs.
  • You communicate very clearly in both spoken and written forms. You’re concise, articulate, expressive, and appreciate good grammar whether you’re brainstorming with the CEO on Slack or problem-solving with a client via email.
  • You are comfortable managing at a distance, working with remote workers that are six to eight hours ahead.
  • You’re methodical, process-oriented, and are constantly thinking about ways to increase efficiency and generate more leverage. We really value creating well thought-out structures and processes that we can incrementally improve.
  • You’re bold enough to ask for forgiveness, not permission, and confident enough to accept and improve from direct feedback when you inevitably make a mistake.
  • You know how to have fun, but can also very deeply focus. We’re big fans of work-life balance which means knowing when to minimize distraction and hustle.
  • You’re progressive, inclusive, and egalitarian. You’re cognizant of your ingrained biases and make an active effort to mitigate or dispel them.

Here are some characteristics we’re looking for in our ideal candidate: technical, good communicator, helper, persuader, negotiator, adaptive, critical thinker, creative thinker, fast on your feet, detail oriented.

You know what’s up:

  • You’re all about that start-up life. You’re motivated by success and have an intrinsic bias towards taking action and ownership.
  • You’re very logical, subscribe to rational thinking, and prefer making data-driven decisions whenever possible.
  • You can naturally distill complexity. You can take complicated ideas and break them down into their fundamental components for analysis and explanation.
  • You see both the forest and the trees. You can understand the implications of small changes to the big picture, and can also create a plan for bringing a big picture to fruition one task at a time.
  • You understand the cost of indecision and can break through decision paralysis, even in situations of ambiguity or in the absence of data.
  • People value your opinion. You’ll be dealing with designers, technical engineers, data scientists, business developers, and executives. You need to gain their respect, impress them with your savvy, and quickly figure out how to move forward.

You may be a good fit for this role if other positions of interest include: product owner, project manager.