Senior Product Manager

KALO is looking for a product manager to join our team in London to own the collaboration and workflow aspects of the Kalo platform.
Product Managers at KALO – what skills do you need?
You need to be able to show us that you can work really well with engineering, design and other departments in the company. You should be persuasive and focussed on data to back up your point of view. Being able to put yourself in the position of users and empathise with how they’ll use the product is an essential skill
Why are we hiring?
We want to bring in some more experience to our team and that means finding great people that can compliment the 2 product managers that we currently have. You’ll be based in our London office which is where the main bulk of our engineering team is based.
What does being a Product manager mean?
In short – you’ll develop and drive the roadmap for workflow, collaboration and our freelancer experience. Discover user problems and needs with user research, market research, and in collaboration with our customer success and sales teams. Partner with engineering and design to define customer workflows and solutions to customer problems. Prioritise work based on what provides the most value to the customer and business. Help drive go to market activities for product releases and most importantly ensure high quality delivery of great product features!
Why come and work here?
KALO is still very much a young company and right now is a great chance to join. We raised a solid Series A and we’ve still got a lot of runway left. Our culture is strong. We have a modern approach to working, so remote and working from home are possibilities for the majority of our positions. London is a vibrant office and we’ve got plenty of characters and great people for you to get to know.