Product Manager @ live music tech startup

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What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for an experienced product manager. You’ll guide us through our next period of expansion and won’t rest until every single fan & artist is using Songkick.


  • Define and own quantitative metrics for product success.
  • Push product development forward, making sure everyone involved (design, engineering, QA, etc.) has a crystal-clear understanding of what problems we’re trying to solve and the requirements at hand. Whether that’s through clickable prototypes, written specs, daily stand-ups, or interpretive song and dance, you’re not afraid to shake things up to make sure everyone is working efficiently towards a shared goal.
  • Gather & analyze data like a boss. You understand numbers can tell you what is happening, but not why. You know when it’s appropriate to get qualitative answers to your questions.
  • You can recite conversion metrics for any step of the funnel in your sleep and you’ll know where to focus for the biggest impact.
  • You’re a prioritization beast. You’ll sequence and define our immediate roadmap of features.
  • Own the product discovery process. You’ll run experiments & get feedback to make sure the features we build are what our awesome users want, that they contribute to Songkick’s success, and that our designs are usable. You always err on the side of getting something out the door fast. Defend against feature creep!
  • Be the voice of our beloved users and analyze their needs appropriately for the problem at hand, whether quantitatively or qualitatively.


  • 3+ years’ experience in a product management or analytical role, like SEO, paid search, technical/quantitative marketing, or business intelligence.
  • Quantitative background. Excel is your bff.
  • Experience with A/B testing, cohort analysis, and segmentation analysis.
  • Experience with SQL or similar for pulling data.
  • Impeccable written & verbal communication skills. You can explain your thinking to anyone and can resolve conflicts fairly with data.
  • You have a phenomenal sense of 80/20 and are allergic to micro-optimizations.
  • eCommerce, gaming, or mobile experience a plus.

Who we are:

We want more people to experience the awesomeness of seeing their favorite band live. We want artists to play in front of a packed venues around the world. We help more than 10 million fans go to concerts every month, generating more than $100m GMV in ticket sales.

Songkick is backed by two of the most highly regarded investors in the world: Index Ventures and Sequoia – we were Sequoia’s first UK investment.

We’re going through a period of explosive growth and need your help.