Product Manager

About your role

You will play an important role in contributing to the development of a long-term vision for ChartMogul’s product.  Not only will you speak directly with our customers to discover and define their needs, but also articulate your findings into design solutions our customers will love.  Alongside our CEO and Product Manager, you will refine our existing product roadmap and take an active role in the feature prioritization exercise and execution.
In addition to the above, you will collaborate with our Sales, Customer Success, and Engineering teams to identify issues and develop solutions to customer needs. In that respect, you’ll make use of your ability to inspire others and engage with all three teams because you understand that your outputs will be intrinsically linked to their contributions.

What will you be doing?

  • Developing a longer-term vision, paying particular attention to the interdependencies and tradeoffs related to the implementation of new features and the future direction of the product
  • Defining the business logic for new features and refining the logic for existing features where necessary
  • Conducting competitive analyses of ChartMogul’s direct and indirect competitors
  • Collaborating with our engineering team to coordinate the implementation of the solutions you design
  • Sharing your passion for great product with others around you to encourage others to think about the end user, always evangelizing the user experience
  • Supporting the product team with new and existing partnerships and integrations
  • Supporting the Engineering team with changes in scope and development issues
  • Supporting our Marketing team’s campaigns and advising on thought leadership content
  • Collaborating with our Marketing team on new feature rollouts to properly position ChartMogul’s evolving product and reach the intended audience
  • Conducting customer interviews and building rapport with our users
  • Surveying the market to identify opportunities for new features that our customers will love

Team Members

Manager: Nick, CEO

Colleague: Vinay, Director of Product Management

What is it like to work at ChartMogul?

  • You’ll join the adventures of a young (and growing!!) company and be in a position to draw clear links between your contributions and the company’s growth.
  • You’ll become part of a team of kind, highly skilled and dedicated people that all share the same mission: Helping companies build better businesses.
  • You’ll receive a great compensation package (market or upmarket).
  • You’ll also be getting stock options
  • We offer snacks & drinks in the office and a laid-back office environment
  • We also offer the traditional perks and benefits of course (health insurance, gym membership etc.).
  • One-on-one mentorship and guidance and HR and Operations support in almost every capacity
  • Flexible working hours and arrangements including work-from-home days
  • And a brand new laptop!


Sounds interesting? Here’s what we’re looking for:


  • You’re familiar with data modeling and keen to continue developing your skills in this capacity
  • You have some experience in a software company or a similar environment where you held a position that enabled you to gain skills relevant to this opportunity
  • You’ve designed elegant solutions for several different kinds of problems
  • Some coding experience or at the very least a solid understanding of a modern cloud software’s technology stack
  • Excellent professional communication skills, both written and verbal in English

If you have experience with the following it would be a huge bonus (!) :

  • Experience working on a B2B SaaS product
  • Some experience in the Analytics/Business Intelligence sector
  • Experience with Data Visualisation


  • You’re intellectually curious
  • You’re obsessed with building great products
  • You’re ambitious and want to see our product improve rapidly
  • You have an eye for detail, nothing gets past you because you know little things make a big difference
  • You’re very self-aware and know how to manage others’ expectations and your own