Director of Product Management

We’re seeking an experienced practitioner to take responsibility for championing a unique product management offer in a client service environment.

Made by Many works with clients across all business sectors to bring digital to the core of their organisations. Our digital transformation programmes are product led; we make new digital products collaboratively in a way that brings technology, culture and people together to drive bigger changes in our clients’ outlook and ambition.

The work involves operating at a speed and with a degree of uncertainty and risk that clients may be unused to; it involves close collaboration with client teams, a high quality of communication and the ability to marshal and plan the resources needed to bring a product to life. In this context the product management role is particularly challenging. We are looking for a leader to develop our product managers and their practice and grow their contribution to our wider digital transformation offer.

The person who fits this role is likely to have at least 6 years’ experience in early stage digital product and/or venture development and some experience in a client service or consulting business. We’re looking for the ability to instill product culture in our clients’ organisations, and to balance the needs of end users with those of our clients and Made by Many. This is the distinctive challenge of product management in a client service context.

You’ll be regarded by your peers as an influential and independent thinker about product practice. You will be an able teacher and speaker and a trusted advisor to clients. You will be comfortable discussing technology choices and approaches with specialists. Forging an interdisciplinary team involving strategists, designers, technologists, content and business specialists, and getting them to work well together towards a common goal, will be second nature to you.

Your responsibilities will include

  • Client consulting
  • Growing and developing capabilities within the team
  • Supporting both junior and senior product managers in their careers
  • Hiring and expanding a product management team
  • Developing our client-facing learning programmes
  • Cooperating with the directors of design, technology and strategy on people management, new business development and evolving the Made by Many offer
  • Writing and speaking about the role of product management in Made by Many’s digital transformation offer

If you are passionate about working in a consulting company centred on collaboration, continuous learning, creativity, and adaptive approaches to planning – and can combine that with great communication skills and the ability to bring everyone (both the team and the client) along on the journey, then we’d love to talk to you about this role.

This is a leadership role and the salary package with be commensurate with this.