Product Analyst

Bluebeam is looking for a Product Analyst to join our growing team in London!

Specifically, we’re looking for someone who is interested in joining our Product Management team to help collect customer feedback and conduct competitive analyses. You’ll take the lead on gathering user and competitive insights, and become a trusted resource for multiple departments in the process.

We make software for people who build things for a living, from hospitals and high-rises to oil rigs and submarines. As a Product Analyst, you’ll be interacting with these great folks daily via email, phone calls and forum posts. You’ll dive below the surface of customer requests to determine their underlying workflow pain points. You’ll also dazzle the Product Management, Support and Account Services teams with your ability to find, assess, demo and generate reports on complementary and/or competitive new products, ensuring everyone is acting off the best possible information.

As a member of the Product Management team, you’ll get to see products and features go from napkin sketch to completion, with plenty of exposure to the dedicated Engineers who build our products. Exposure, in this case, can mean anything from sitting in on occasional design discussions to discussing the virtues of binge-TV-watching over post-work drinks.

If you think you have what it takes to engage our customers in workflow research and can excel at the task of efficiently assessing and summarizing software products, then we’d love to hear from you. We’re standing by for a summary of the product you know best (you).

What you will do:

  • Identify and participate in industry events and conferences to gain an understanding of the emerging needs for project and organization-wide solutions in the AEC industry. Document and report findings to project team.
  • Build relationships with customers and industry experts to assist the current industry need in the UK.
  • Conduct market research to identify market needs, product positioning help to set priorities.
  • Work with customers on content for potential case studies.
  • Help define the next generation of collaboration in the AEC industry.



What you’ll need:

  • 3 or more years of related experience, preferably within a software company
  • You’re a people-person, equally comfortable with face-to-face or phone/video conversations. You know how to develop positive, effective relationships.
  • A great interpersonal skill set. You’ll be speaking one-on-one with customers of various backgrounds within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries, and they respond well to good listeners who respect their time.
  • A demonstrable aptitude for learning software products aimed at the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. You won’t need to master a program like Autodesk Revit, but you’ll need to be fearless about diving into new products and demonstrate a knack for contextualizing what you find.
  • An ability and eagerness to “blaze a new trail.” You will be establishing new paths and be a core part of the team understanding customer needs.
  • The ability to honestly assess and articulate your strengths and weaknesses, and what you do and do not know—chronic bulls#$%ers will not succeed in this role.
  • burning desire to work within a fast-paced software development environment. We’re not just looking for competency; we need someone who wants to take their career in this direction.
  • You’re okay with up to 30% travel, primarily in the UK and throughout Europe, with occasional trips to our headquarters in Pasadena, California.
  • You’re fluent in English. Advanced knowledge of other common European languages such as German, French, or Dutch would be beneficial.
  • All of the basics: flexible, likeable, highly organized, well-presented, excellent written/verbal skills, able to work with others, etc… you’ll need all that too.

Bonus Points:

  • An understanding of the workflows and industry practices, in particular the elements of projects that highlight the interoperation and coordination of roles and functions.
  • You’ve worked in a software, technology or software reseller organization.
  • Experience in Architecture, Construction and related Design Engineering fields.
  • Previous work within a software development environment