Senior Growth Product Manager

Who you are:
Are you passionate about delivering great customer experiences? Do you dream about optimising product functionality and UI to drive exceptional business results? Do you like drilling into quantitative data to understand problems and devising ways to improve things? If you answered yes, this may be the ideal job for you.
We’re looking for a growth product manager who has an equal passion for quantitative analysis, qualitative exploration, and UI design. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with A|B testing, understand what product levers to change to impact outcomes and be able to quickly iterate to achieve ever better outcomes.
You should have a high attention to detail and the ability to drive optimal outcomes. You should understand that optimal outcomes are achieved by working well across all team functions, including, in particular, data science, product design, and engineering. You will learn what it is to be a Customer Support agent and Zendesk administrator, and apply this knowledge and empathy in defining solutions.
Why you’ll want this job:
In this role, you’ll be responsible for optimising key product and business metrics, including trial conversion rates, on-boarding success, specific feature adoption, and new-user c-sat. With time, this role will also look at minimising churn, as well as growing product upsell and cross-sell. You will be primarily focused on addressing the needs of SMB customers. While you will work on key workflows and interface elements across the product, you will have primary ownership for customer on-boarding, defining an A|B testing solution, and in-product feature discovery.
You’ll synthesise customer feedback and quantitative data to define a tactical plan and long-term vision for significantly moving key product metrics and business outcomes. You will work across Zendesk teams and functions, including engineering, design, analytics, ops, marketing, sales, and support/customer advocacy to build and launch optimised workflows and features that move the needle on performance measures.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in a growth PM role within a fast-paced, agile SaaS environment; candidates without specific growth PM experience will not be considered
  • Demonstrated significant positive impact on business, product, and customer outcomes
  • A strong desire and demonstrated ability to move the needle on outcomes, paired with exceptional interpersonal skills, and the ability to foster a supportive, nurturing environment
  • Experience wire-framing design concepts A willingness to present and defend your ideas to key team members
  • The ability to thrive independently