Chief Product Officer

Full-Time Anywhere

Technologies die fast. New ones take their place. Video messengers conquer text-based versions. Privacy becomes a matter of safety and principle. In the days of a worldwide personal data crisis, when users’ data is endangered, we’re convinced that no one ever should have access to it.

Banuba is a messenger built on blockchain, p2p technology. We don’t have servers; all the data is encrypted and no one has access to it – not unless you want them to. Users themselves decide who gets to see their data.

Banuba always protects your privacy. Our technologies can distinguish you from the background, if you don’t want anyone to know where you are or can hide people behind your back. There is no need to search for a suitable place for a video chat. Just switch on the background replacement. It’s a really cool and useful feature you should definitely try.

Modern messengers are primarily driven by video content. However, do you really like how you look in front of your mobile camera? Didn’t think so, we all like to make our pictures look better. Todays’ smartphone cameras make us look worse than we’re do real life.

The camera’s imaging capabilities detect what we usually don’t see, but feel in our bones. The camera’s microphone slightly distorts the audio signal. That’s why we don’t like how we look and sound during video chats.

The world develops so fast. Soon camera will become our second vision. Banuba is a smart pointwise beautificator, which neutralizes camera, face and voice defects. It’s your invisible assistant.

We know how to read emotions on your face. When you smile the app adds butterflies of other cute AR-stickers. When you feel blue, you’ll be supported by a sad video-effect. We introduce the virtual world into the real one and erase the communication boundaries.

Banuba combines many unique technologies in the sphere of computer vision and machine learning algorithms. In the space of 2 years, we’ve filed 25 patent applications and 6 of our patents achieved a record for the speed of processing by the US patent office.

It’s high time to change the situation.

Besides the messengers, we greatly contribute to the computer era development in general. We’re coming into a new age with a new world, new opportunities in healthcare, science, education, etc. Our technologies can be successfully applied to all the spheres.

We welcome talented and experienced candidates to apply for the open position of Chief Product Officer and make our team even stronger. Our new CPO should possess a track-record of product development projects and be able to build and manage a multi-functional team of specialists.

Our new Chief Product Officer should be a great leader, supervisor and evangelist of our product. CPO is responsible for product vision, strategy, design, development and product marketing.


  • Develop a long-term strategic vision of Banuba’s further product development and impart that vision in every department and employee
  • Constantly improve the application, ensuring that it drives innovations, user experience and revenue growth
  • Manage the day-to-day execution of all product activities to meet all the business’s goals
  • Ensure effective rollout of new functions across the app
  • Provide strong leadership to the product team through inspirational attitude and a passionate approach to the job
  • Build and lead an effective and high-performing team. Attract new talent necessary to start new initiatives
  • Work closely with the CEO and management team to ensure the planned performance and results are successful
  • Play a mentorship role for key product management personnel, constantly ensuring improvement in their professional skills
  • Develop and share with the team learning materials related to machine learning, computer vision, augmented reality, virtual reality, neural network and artificial intelligence.


Key requirements:

  • Deep expertise in product development and a track-record of product solutions from vision to delivered products, capable of transforming the company and the industry
  • Track-record of creating and managing high-performing, multi-functional teams of at least 25 people
  • Experience in high-tech and mobile software development industry. Experience of working at companies whose ultimate digital experiences brought them rapid growth
  • Successful track-record as a skilled product lead with high potential to move forward at this scale and cope with high level of responsibility
  • Practical experience of using Design Thinking principles and UX toolset
  • Deep understanding of online marketing
  • Good technical background
  • Exceptional analytical skills
  • Superior problem solving and organizational skills; and an ability to conceptualize, prioritize, and manage multiple projects with ease.