Our mission is to improve the lives of people living with a skin disease.

Imagine develops image recognition-based artificial intelligence to give both patients and doctors a better understanding of the development of skin diseases, improving diagnoses and making it easier to find the right personalised combination of treatment and lifestyle.
Our focus is on chronic diseases such as psoriasis or eczema, where misdiagnosis rates can be as high as 55%, access to dermatologists involves long waiting times, and it often takes years of struggle to get correctly diagnosed and find a way to manage the disease.
Imagine’s complementary apps are used by thousands of patients around the world who track the development of their skin condition and thus provide us with valuable data points. We are a multi-disciplinary team of currently 20 people and as part of the LEO Innovation Lab located in central Copenhagen.

Read more about Imagine and how it is to work in our team here

In a nutshell

Hungry for next-level challenges?

To join us on our mission to increase access for millions of people to better means of achieving healthy skin, we are looking for a boundary-pushing product manager, obsessed with shipping great, meaningful products that really make a difference.

Your primary responsibility will be to craft the details of Imagine’s product vision and, together with a team of seriously skilled developers, designers and computer vision engineers, make it happen. Assume nothing implicitly, challenge anything explicitly.

Who you are

You believe in shipping fast and often to learn

You are obsessed with shipping great, meaningful products that really make a difference. You know when and why to cut corners and when to push for that extra bit when launching a new experiment; when to iterate forward and when to take a bold leap to escape local maxima.

You are a team champion

You know how to lead, motivate and work as fully-integral part of the team; how to unblock the team with ruthless prioritization while giving engineers the space to innovate and designers the right constraints towards truly great experiences; all while deflecting praise and absorbing criticism.

You have a well-sorted, flexible toolkit

You come with a bunch of probed tools in your PM toolkit but most importantly an open, inquisitive mind to adjust, continuously learn and grow.

You know it’s about people

Externally: You never just talk about talking to customers, you actually can’t help yourself getting out of the building all the time

Internally: You know that culture eats strategy for breakfast and how you can help build the best products for helping patients, achieving outstanding business results and making the journey a unique one for everyone working in the team.

You understand tech

You know how to leverage tech for business and customer results, how to achieve results cross platform and you’re not scared of deep tech. Data is always part of your equation but its lack is never holding you back to leap into the unknown with thought-through hypotheses and well-designed experiments.

You engage proactively

Of course, you know you cannot not communicate, so you do so early, clearly and often with all relevant stakeholders, with a contagious bias towards action, and mediating strong opinions if necessary to disagree and commit.

Your responsibilities

This is a key position to work closely with your immediate product team as well as connect to our other teams with growth, medical, machine learning/AI and business development roles, to

  • Continuously focus on the patient and potentially doctors as customers and users of our apps
  • Based on our overall vision and strategy, craft the details of Imagine’s product vision – from iterating on existing features, to broadening or replicating our product(s) into new disease areas, and boldly leaping forward into new use cases and opportunities
  • Care for, challenge forward and know like no other the usage behaviour, metrics and critical areas of your products including our 14-months old tracking-focused app and our yet to be conceptualised and developed AI-powered diagnostic product targeted at doctors and eventually consumers
  • Connect the dots to the other areas of the business and managing the various stakeholders together with the Product Owner (Head of Imagine).
  • Work along very skilled developers, designers and engineers, setting a high outcome-focused bar and helping the team keep momentum and focus in a complex project navigating medical, compliance/regulatory and tech challenges
  • Ensure a solid product/design/development and learning process and framework to guide and support the team in delivering the right product features and experiments to increase product and business value, while preparing the relevant parts for a medical device filing
  • Bridge to deep tech parts to bring machine learning and computer vision research results to deliver value in production

Who we are looking for

It’s all laid out above but for the bullet point lovers some bonus points:

  • Consumer experience (not eCom) is a plus, within health huge plus
  • Meaningful start-up experience is a big plus
  • You probably have at least 3+ years of relevant product experience but we’re always intrigued by exceptional people

What we offer

  • A special workplace, see how it’s like to work at Imagine and LEO Innovation Lab
  • A unique opportunity to turn leading edge research into making a real impact on the lives of people suffering from skin diseases
  • Competitive salary, pension contribution and premium health insurance
  • Flexible holidays and an extra week after 9 months, so you can take time off when you need to
  • Paid parental leave to let you spend valuable time with your loved ones
  • Employee discounts for a range of activities and shops
  • We have an on-site chef to serve lunch every weekday, have team breakfasts every Friday and if you’re running low in the afternoon, you can fuel up with a selection of snacks
  • MacBooks and super-ultra-wide screens as your productivity base – unless you prefer otherwise