Product Manager

FarmDrop is seeking a Product Manager who will be responsible for bringing the platform closer to the needs of our users in a ruthlessly methodical manner.
We want someone who is happy and expert at both analysing the data and spotting inspired solutions. And who is always objective in outlook and demands the evidence.
You will be given a pivotal role and encouraged to work closely with ux, tech, finance, and operations. You will work very closely with the CEO on the vision and strategy and have total responsibility for the research and analysis, agreeing priorities and providing beautifully clear specs to UX and tech. And ensuring execution is spot on.
You should be driven by a passion to change the food industry and the rules of the supply chain; helping bring communities together for better food.

Your responsibilities:

-Work with the CEO to build and develop a product that is valuable, usable and feasible; constantly refining the overall product strategy and vision
-Research: take feedback from all external user groups, internal users, plus research reports, market trends and stats
-Synthesise feedback into clear recommendations for the business: Coming up with simple and creative solutions to complex problems
-Prioritise: Build and update a roadmap of incremental improvements and iterative development
-Plan: Help estimate and coordinate development timetables
-Provide faultless briefs to UX and tech
-User testing and tech testing: Speak to users and take on some of a QA’s role

About you:

-Experience: 2-5+ years in product management, preferably with experience of e-commerce, marketplaces and online communities.
-Product success: You’ve been involved in the early life of a product through to early maturity, preferably in a start-up
-Methodical: You are driven by data; measuring and testing how users interface with the product, totally objective in your decision-making and uncovering the insights that get better results for the business
-Creative: You like coming up with new ideas, and can back yourself and take on others’ ideas
-Good executor: Tenacious enough to see your plans come to fruition
-Tech savvy: You understand what the cost and time of your plans are for the tech team
-Committed: You are prepared to submerge yourself in the online and offline experience to get a user’s true perspective
-Curious about the world: You have a passion for what you do and stay on top of how things are developing in your field
-A foodie: You love good food and cooking it. And seeing others enjoy it.
-You take your work seriously but not yourself, and you are eager to dedicate your skills to creating positive social change

About FarmDrop:

Our mission is to help create and grow sustainable local food systems. Why? Because little over 50 years ago there were no supermarkets in the UK and more than twice as many farmland birds. At that time UK farmers kept over 50% of all the money spent on food. Today that figure is just 11%!
So for the sake of our health, our environment and both our rural and urban communities we badly need a new design for our food system. FarmDrop is that new design – a website that allows buyers and sellers of local food to find each other and trade directly via local hubs that we call “FarmDrops”.
We’re a friendly and focused team of 10 working out of a lovely office in London, not too serious, but committed to building the food system of the future.