Senior Product Manager

Senior Product Manager


Company Overview


BrandYourself develops software and services that help nearly a million people protect, improve and monitor how they look online. The company is best known for turning down one of the largest deal ever on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank ($2 million), and was named one of the fastest growing software-as-a-service companies of 2018.


In today’s age of cyber-bullying, revenge porn, hate sites and inadequate online privacy laws, BrandYourself’s mission is to give you the power to understand and protect your online reputation.


Whether you’re applying to jobs, competing for clients, applying to college or even applying for a loan, you will now be screened online in Google and social media. Just like your Credit Report helps you understand how you’ll be assessed by financial institutions, BrandYourself’s Reputation Report helps you understand the risk factors and positive factors online that are impacting your career. Its powerful do-it-yourself software walks you through the process of understanding and improving your online presence, including advanced machine learning technology that scans the web for potential risk factors in Google results, social media posts and photos.


BrandYourself is headquartered in New York city with a second rapidly growing office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


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Job Description:


BrandYourself is expanding its product offerings and looking for a Senior Product Manager to work directly with the executive team to define and own the company’s software roadmap.


You will play a pivotal role in shaping online tools used by millions of consumers, helping people take control of their data and reputation online. You will lead the charge articulating what a winning product looks like, rallying the team to build it, and iterating on it until you get it right. Your combination of high level vision and operational discipline will lead the company to create exceptional user experiences that help users achieve the magic “aha” moment faster, improving funnel conversion rates and ensuring our product provides real and lasting value.


You know that the best marketing channel is the product itself, and prefer perfecting every detail while minimizing the number of details. Words like onboarding, retention and engagement are second nature to you.


This is an opportunity to join a fast-growing, venture-backed company in a rapidly expanding market in a highly influential position.


Job Responsibilities

  • Think both strategically and tactically about how to best leverage the product and its underlying technology for business growth. Includes increasing the profitability of existing products, developing brand new products, and finding new ways to integrate our powerful scanning technology with partners (including API integrations).
  • Manage all product initiatives and completely own the product roadmap. You will coordinate closely with design, engineering and marketing teams to ensure deadlines are hit, requirements are defined, acceptance criteria are met, user experience is top notch, and post-op analysis of releases are completed on time.
  • Use evidence-based decision-making to intelligently prioritize and align the executive team with your product roadmap. You’ll regularly present why you’ve selected one direction over another for each iteration of the product, using compelling explanations backed by real data.
  • Communicate clearly and confidently with all areas of the company. You will work with the executive team to define high level vision, product to define user experience, engineering to define requirements, marketing to define the go-to-market strategy, and serve as the internal and external evangelist for your product offering. You’ll ensure clear, direct communication keeps all parties aligned under the goal of product success.
  • Advocate for our users internally by demanding an exceptional product experience. You will be the voice of our users within the company, spending time understanding them via analytics, user testing studies, customer support feedback, quality assurance notes, sales conversations, surveys, etc. You empathize with and champion our customers, demanding a usable, valuable, clear user experience from the design team, and high-performing technology from the engineering team.  
  • Analyze both high-level KPIs and low-level user engagement metrics to inform the next most important product initiatives. You should be very comfortable creating, analyzing and informing product roadmaps using data from conversion funnels, user cohorts, Google analytics data, and user engagement metrics.
  • Thrive in an agile, fast-paced environment. We generally work in 2-week sprints, releasing fully tested improvements and features to nearly a million users. You prefer working on a team that values rapid validated learning and fast iteration cycles over monolithic projects and complete redesigns.
  • Love the art and science of growth experiments. You flex your creative muscles by imagining new ways to improve product experience, then rationally test and analyze your hypotheses by A/B testing changes and validating opinion from fact.
  • Conduct competitive research to competitors’ products, identify gaps and opportunities in product and messaging, solidify our competitive position and identify ways to continue leading the industry.



  • 6+ years of product management experience in a SaaS company
  • Proven track record of leading product initiatives from conception through execution and iteration
  • Experience planning, conducting and evaluating product experiments
  • Superior communication and organizational skills
  • Understanding of the technical architecture of web applications
  • Excellent judgment and thoughtfulness about the dynamics of a product ecosystem, product ladder
  • Proven track record of improving KPIs including free user conversion rate, paid member conversion rate, and lifetime value
  • History of holding teams accountable to deadlines and shipping software on a regular basis
  • Experience with conversion rate optimization, funnel analysis, usability and user experience