Co-Founder (Zinc Mission2 Programme)

Full-Time Anywhere

Zinc’s second programme starts in London on 1st October 2018. Its mission is to unlock new opportunities for people in places hard-hit by globalisation and automation. For more information please see the Mission 2 ( page of our website.



The Zinc programme will bring together 50 Founders from around the world to:
– explore problems and opportunities for people in places hard-hit by globalisation and automation.
– design, test and build innovative solutions that are loved by users
– find their Co-Founder and create new businesses
– access investors and partners to back their vision

There are three phases to the programme:
– Match: where Founders choose the focus for their new business & team up with their Co-Founder(s)
– Hatch: where the new teams design, test and improve their new products and services
– Lift off: where the new businesses secure the resources they need to achieve their ambitions

The pace at which the Founders move through these three phases varies, but on average each phase takes 3 months.



We look for creators and innovators from a variety of backgrounds (e.g. technology, design, startups, public services, corporates, specialist professions, NGOs etc.) with a passion to co-found commercial businesses from scratch to solve giant social problems.

We are looking for Founders who have:
– Ambition and Drive
– Commitment to social impact
– Commercial mindset
– Visionary insights
– Creativity
– Comfort with uncertainty
– Obsession with meeting user needs
– Power to mobilise supporters
– Ability to get things done


– Access to potential Co-Founders
– £12,000 Stipend over 9 months
– Intensive 9-month programme to build a business from scratch
– Free services and resources (shared workspace, credits with top tech companies)
– Access to leading experts from academia, business, design and technology