Product Manager

We’re looking for smart, curious and driven people from all backgrounds to join our new Product team.

GoCardless is building a new global network for recurring payments. We’re cutting out the intermediaries and linking together direct debit schemes from around the world to create a simple way of collecting payments directly from customers’ bank accounts.

Our API powers recurring payments for companies like the Financial Times, Thomas Cook and Nutmeg. It also enables partners including Quickbooks, Xero and Teamup to help tens of thousands of small businesses to save countless hours spent chasing customers for payments.

Product at GoCardless

This is a really exciting time to join our growing team! We’ve been building Product Management at GoCardless from the ground up, and have our sights firmly set on becoming a world-class product development organisation, led by our Chief Product & Technical Officer Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas (ex-Skyscanner CPO).

Our Product team is focused on three areas:

  • What we build: Figuring out what we need to build and prioritising when we build it is our core responsibility. We bring the vision and context to empower great decisions, so we focus on posing the right questions rather than dictating detailed answers.
  • How we build it: We believe in a collaborative partnership where the Product team focuses on outcomes, while Engineering focuses on how we get there. Product’s main role in execution is to be the voice of the market and to make sure we achieve what we set out to do.
  • Communicating with everyone: Product is a key part of the glue that binds together teams at GoCardless. We communicate the “who, what, why and when” to the company. We also work closely with Marketing, Sales and Support on how best to communicate what’s happening to our customers.

The role

As a Product Manager you will work closely with one of our  Engineering Managers to lead one of the development teams at GoCardless.

We believe in autonomous teams, so you should expect a challenging and highly cross-functional role with tasks spanning the commercial and technical spectrum. We are looking for product managers for multiple teams, but across the roles we expect responsibilities to include:

  • Building a deep understanding of customers’ needs
  • Defining our competitive positioning and keeping on top of broader industry developments
  • Developing a vision for the direction of the product, and leading prioritisation to maintain the backlog
  • Tracking progress, assessing our impact and driving delivery
  • Leading communication with the rest of the business and working with product marketing to document our capabilities

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for people who have incredible potential, so you don’t need a background in product to apply. We believe great product managers share common characteristics, and we look for these above all else:

  • Raw intellectual horsepower: We want our product managers to have an outstanding ability to think on their feet and tackle intellectually challenging problems.
  • Curiosity & drive: You should relish challenges and have a strong natural instinct to drive things to completion. We’re looking for the ability and curiosity to adapt to a constantly changing environment.
  • Collaborative leaders: Product roles bring responsibility without direct authority. We’re looking for natural leaders who earn the trust of others with a collaborative style and great communication skills.
  • Effortlessly analytical: At GoCardless we start by asking ‘why?’, and a data-driven approach is central to how we run Product. When you’re presented with data, analysis should be a reflex.

Candidates should have a proven record of success in a challenging environment, which could be anything from software engineering through entrepreneurship to strategy consulting.

Bonus points for:

  • Experience in fintech/payments or in a startup environment
  • Solid technical knowledge and experience in software development
  • Familiarity with SQL and ability to analyse large datasets

Our team come from a range of backgrounds, and we welcome diversity. If you’re unsure, please apply – we’d love to hear from you.