Senior PM mobile apps

About the company:
Schibsted Media Group is an international media group with approximately 7,400 employees in 27 countries. Schibsted’s strategy comprises two main objectives: further development of our media houses and establishment of online classifieds services. Schibsted is also exploring ways of using the heavy traffic volumes on its popular websites to develop new business opportunities in the form of digital consumer services.

The international online classified advertising business is organized in a separate company, Schibsted Classified Media (SCM). A world leader in online classifieds, SCM has market leading operations in many countries, most of them based on the successful Swedish concept. Some of our classifieds sites are in France, in Malaysia, in Brazil and Infojobs in Spain and Italy. SCM is continuously expanding into new markets and segments. SCM’s head office is located in Barcelona.

About the job:
In SCM we want to empower people in their daily life. For the first time, we are making common native apps, which will be used by many of our operations. Our goal is to make the best marketplace app you have ever seen. We want to have the most attractive listings, the most accurate searches, the most fun way to reply to advertisers and the simplest way of inserting an ad. We want to innovate and provide the best experience possible for our users. An experience that is clearly different from the established web platform.

We have just launched in Brazil, and will be releasing in other countries soon. We are seeking an experienced product manager to help us succeed with our goal. You will work together with passionate people who work hard, and laugh a lot.

Your personality and background:

  • You are smart and able to get things done
  • You value both qualitative and quantitative insight
  • You just go get the data you need and can whip it into an insightful story and use it to make decisions
  • You don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves and tackle something hands-on
  • Ideally you have experience in either coding, design or analytics
  • You obsess over happy users and customers
  • You have 5-10 years of experience making (mobile) products users love

Your responsibilities:

  • Vision and strategy for the NextGenApp
  • Optimize existing features and products
  • Bring business objectives and insights into concepts, with clearly stated goals and how our users will benefit.
    • Lead idea and discovery process to decide what we should make next
    • Responsible for maintaining a complete and up-to-date product backlog with bugs, improvements, optimization and new features
  • Ensure timely delivery by bringing together designers and engineers. Make sure we are progressing and deliver according to plan
  • Work in close collaboration with PMs in our operations all over the world to ensure we create products the users will actually use, and love
  • Share and distribute products and knowledge to operations

Ideally you have deep knowledge of several of the following:

  • Users (you will spend probably 15-20% of your time doing user testing and analysing results)
  • Product data: Understand, measure and prove. You love to start every day analyzing data.
  • The marketplace business and an overview of our internal stakeholders (tech, finance, analytics, marketing, legal)
  • Our industry: both competitors and trends
  • Mobile: Android and iOS

Are you the one we are looking for? Please get in touch quickly, and at the latest before Oct 1st!