Head of Product/Growth for B2C insurance disruption



SO-SURE is a tech start up on a mission to disrupt the greedy and untrustworthy insurance industry.We have redesigned insurance to be consumer-centric:

  • Amazing if you need us (claims NPS=73)
  • Rewards if you don’t: up to 80% money back every year if you and your friends don’t claim

The first vertical SO-SURE is tackling, is mobile phone insurance and we are going to soon be expanding lines.  SO-SURE’s disruptive nature has attractive Silicon Valley investors.

We’re a digital native company and we are looking for a Head of Product to join us based in our growing team in our London office (Shoreditch), this role reports into the CEO.



We’re looking for a product manager to lead the development and growth of an insurance revolution, as we expand into new insurance lines (2019) and go international (2020).

You will need to become obsessed with optimising our product, across all platforms (web and native), to deliver a world-class user experience, which at it’s core is geared towards unlocking growth.

You will be leading and collaborating with an awesome team of developers, designers and marketers. So we expect you to be as good at developing teams as you are at developing product.

We are a data-driven company and as such you should be comfortable handling data, setting targets and measuring the right things. However, while data is important, you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks – provide they are calculated ones.




  • Have a growth mindset
  • Lead product strategy and implementation to be aligned with business direction/strategy
  • Harness the collective knowledge and capabilities of the team to provide the firm with the best return on time invested
  • Gain a deep understanding of the marketplace, competitors, customers and business goals
  • Be part of the senior leadership team reporting to the CEO. As senior team member, support other team members requiring guidance or mentoring.



  • As Growth master you will drive fortnightly growth meetings in which you will report on previous experiments and present the next experiments (which would have been submitted by team member and evaluated by yourself) using a RICE or similar framework
  • Prioritise the Partnerships, Digital Marketing and Technology initiatives to ensure best return on time invested to grow the business
  • Direct and collaborate with Design, Marketing (copy) and Technology to provide best performance for any given test
  • Undertake internal, customer and competitor research to ensure that product developments represent a clear commercial opportunity based on customer and distribution demand and meeting financial objectives.
  • Design the experiments, measure, learn to turn the embedded virality of the model to become a growth engine for the business
  • Dive deep into Data to develop product strategy and features to build
  • Undertake appropriate planning and provide prompt feedback to ensure that all team members are working to common deadlines and that timely delivery meets the needs of the business.
  • Taking complete ownership of the products within your remit by competently and willing addressing any product issues as required even if these are not specifically stated within your job description.

Must have

  • Experience: A proven track record of working effectively with VP Marketing, developers and designers to ship high-quality software, which at it’s heart is focused on growth.
  • Agile: Have experience of agile (in particular scrum) and as such can develop and structure a backlog, manage a sprint and run stand ups. You should also be able to articulate why all of those things are important.
  • Growth Mindset: experienced Growth Master who is versatile at using RICE or equivalent models to prioritise product activities for our  continued quest for growth.
  • Testing: You understand how adopting a lean approach and data-driven experimentation can avoid wasted work.
  • Measuring: A deep understanding of measurement, in particular how to track customers through our funnel and identify areas for improvement. Concepts such as AARRR, CAC, LTV and Viral Coefficient should be your bread and butter.
  • Integrated: You can articulate how web and mobile applications are put together.
  • Virality: You have been part of a team successful in driving viral mechanics and are able to articulate the key mechanics behind them
  • Hands on: You aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, test your product thoroughly and interview customers to get regular feedback on the experience you’ve helped create. You should also be able to formulate that feedback into feature ideas and product improvements.
  • Leadership:Finally, you should be able to motivate a group of committed, smart people to consistently deliver their best work, while doing the best work of your career.

Nice to have…

  • Ideally, you’d have some experience in marketing, particularly event-based, email and in-app marketing.
  • Some experience working to develop chat UIs and bots.
  • You are able to develop simple wireframes that align with product objectives.
  • Experience with Mix-Panel, GA, HotJar, Six Pack or similar measuring platforms.

Our Culture

Our customers deserve the best and the customer is always at the forefront of what we do. The same goes for our team. That’s why at SO-SURE you’ll enjoy a range of benefits from being in a competitive start up culture, along with highly competitive package and flexible working hours. We will give you the tools and support you so you can be the best.

Salary – Competitive package