Product Manager

Product Manager, Continuous Delivery for Databases

Do you know more about continuous delivery best practice than we do? And how it can be applied to the world of relational database development? Could you help drive the direction of our products to fulfil the needs of customers trying to implement continuous delivery for their database – both now and in the future?

We’re looking for someone with the relevant experience to join us as a product manager. Someone who can bring considerable insight and vision in the area of continuous delivery for databases. Your role, working alongside others in the division, will be to set the long term strategy so that we can win in this market, as well as providing significant tactical input to the development teams to make sure we get there.

Our product managers have one foot firmly planted in software development and the other in our commercial strategy. They feel a strong sense of responsibility for the commercial success of their products. To help achieve success they work closely with the development, marketing, and sales teams, and with other product managers from across the business. We’re now looking to hire one new person to this linchpin role.

The role needs someone who will bring considerable insight to Red Gate and has direct knowledge of the domain, ideally on the Microsoft application platform (most notably, SQL Server). This may have come from a variety of roles – as a consultant, as a product manager, as a DevOps manager, or something else. What’s important is the quality of understanding and knowledge that you can deliver.

What makes you a Red Gate Product Manager?

You’ve got in-depth knowledge of the domain in which you work – in this case, continuous delivery for databases.
You have a powerful blend of technical and commercial expertise, irrespective of how you achieved it.
You’re particularly interested in the commercial aspects of software.
Your communication and consensus-building skills are first-rate, and you have strong, creative problem-solving skills too.
You’re experienced in visiting and talking to customers.
You’ve got the passion and enthusiasm to act as a technical evangelist for your products, internally and externally.
You have a strong strategic vision for your products, coupled with the intuition and insight to spot tactical issues that need your involvement.
You’re confident presenting a business case to management.

What experience do you have?

A deep understanding of how continuous delivery can be applied to relational databases, ideally SQL Server.
Significant exposure to groups who have implemented (or tried to implement) continuous delivery practices – whether as a consultant, within a software organisation, as a manager of a DevOps team, or through some other experience.
A strong technical background, likely with development/coding experience.

What would really help?

Specific experience in the SQL Server and/or .NET development domains.
An understanding of the commercial side of product development – how building the right product can lead to revenue for the business.

What’s the package?

A great benefits package.
Salary is negotiable, depending on experience.
You’ll work about 40 hours a week, with flexible work time.