Senior Product Manager

The Engage Vendor Management System (VMS) is the best in the market. New, fresh, and easy to use, companies are falling in love with it. We’re looking for a product manager to join us to take on the role of growing this product to market leadership in the UK and then the world.

Companies that use lots of contract or temporary staff – and that’s most large companies in most industries – need a VMS to manage the process, whether they’re hiring through recruitment agencies or directly. Companies without a VMS often don’t understand how much money they’re spending on contractors until many months later, and pay agencies different rates for no good reason. Above a certain scale, life without a VMS is a mess.

Our VMS allows hirers and recruitment agencies to collaborate to find the best people for every job, to make sure everyone gets paid on time, and to help everyone understand how much money is being spent. A VMS is incredibly important for companies that use lots of temporary or contract labour, and we’ve seen massive success in the UK construction sector.

The Engage VMS works with the other Engage product offerings targeted at recruitment agencies, and you’ll be working as part of a kind, high-performing team tackling a huge opportunity together.

We think that a great product manager:

  • Is motivated by the success of their users
  • Understands the market and shares that understanding with their colleagues
  • Owns and shapes the roadmap, and makes sure that the roadmap lines up with the roadmaps of their peers
  • Works with design and engineering to design, test, and ship delightful product

This is a role for an experienced product Product Manager with an opportunity to grow into a more strategic role as the product matures.

You must:

  • Have worked as a product manager, shipping software, for at least two years
  • Have had responsibility for a product
  • Write well and clearly, though you do not need to be a native English speaker
  • Have a sense of design and enjoy the process of working with designers
  • Write user stories with input from engineering and design
  • Be excited by learning new things

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Investing in understanding the user need is the best way to shape a delightful product
  • Data is critical for decision-making, but it is only one aspect of a deep understanding of our users and market
  • You understand that user stories are a way to get everyone on the same page, and to ship incrementally
  • Shipping often reduces the risk that we’re building the wrong product
  • Measuring feature success is hard but vital

Team and Culture

Our Product Management team is based in Paddington, London. You don’t need to be in the office five days a week, but there is a lot of work – like brainstorming – that can’t easily be performed remotely, and so we expect a minimum of 50% time-in-office.

We invest heavily in product management and design and believe that creating great product takes time and effort.

To work at this level you have to love technology, but not for its own sake. For us, technology exists to allow us to make our users successful.

We’re always looking to get better. Nothing is set in stone and everyone is allowed an opinion. We hope that once new team members they find their feet and get comfortable, they can contribute to making all of us better. Read more about us at