Senior Product Manager

Senior Product Manager

We’re looking for a senior product manager to define and deliver customer-centric products that have a real impact on our clients’ businesses.

Everything we do centres around reaching that goal: what is the right product? Why is it the right product? How do we get there, and how do we make it successful?

# How we work at Made by Many

We help teams and clients to understand and articulate the product vision in a practical and actionable way. We ensure product teams are working effectively and collaboratively towards that goal throughout the product lifecycle. Teams at Made by Many typically consist of a product manager, designer and software developer working alongside a product owner from the client as an integrated unit.

You should be someone who is committed to the importance of customer research and empathy within the product design process, and who cares deeply about helping products and the teams that make them to succeed.

# What we look for in potential hires

You are passionate about working in an environment centred on collaboration, continuous learning, creativity, and adaptive approaches to planning – with great communication skills and the ability to bring everyone (both the team and the client) along on the journey. You are as enthusiastic about figuring out long-term goals, objectives and roadmaps as you are about planning the next sprint and making sure user stories are articulated, estimated, prioritised and understood by everyone.

Our product managers come from a huge range of backgrounds. As a senior product manager we expect you to have experience as a product manager in a client service context. You will be able to balance the needs of users with those of our clients and Made by Many, and support our junior product managers.

As a consequence of working with international clients we sometimes need to travel outside of the UK to do field research, presentations, or work from our clients offices.

# Your experience

We’d love to meet people who have experience with a good mixture of the following things:

* Working at all stages of the product development lifecycle, from identifying new and innovative product propositions to iterative product delivery

* developing client and stakeholder relationships, valuing client service

* planning and running agile projects and processes  

* designing and carrying out qualitative research to identify customer needs

* defining MVPs that balance customer needs with those of the business

* overseeing and supporting more junior product managers

* working in cross-disciplinary teams with designers and developers

* running quantitative and multivariate testing on products

* product analytics and definition of success metrics