Product Lead

Full-Time Anywhere
Ha Nguyen says, “Build products customers love — not like. It’s not ‘nice’ or ‘fine.’ People have to love it so much they’ll tell their friends about it. That’s when you know you’ve hit gold.”
At Help Scout, you’ll join a team of passionate engineers, designers, and support folks from around the world to serve our 9,000+ customers. We’re at a pivotal point in the company’s growth and you’ll have the opportunity to help define the next generation of customer service software while also developing the future of work by leading highly skilled remote product teams.
Building great products is tough at the best of times, and doing it remotely requires a special type of person and passion. If this unique challenge appeals to you, we’d love to talk!

About the role

      • You’ll spend most of your time working hands-on with cross-functional teams to deliver delightful, innovative features for customers.
      • Your team will be made up of a few engineers, a design lead, and an engineering lead. Together you’ll own a strategic area of the product and work to iteratively deliver improvements and new features over 8 week dev cycles.
      • Starting with customer research and data, you’ll be working alongside team leads to conduct product discovery, ensuring every team is delivering customer and business value.
      • You’ll iterate on our process and help define better ways of working with teams.
      • You will be the voice of the business within the team. You deeply understand the market, emerging trends, and where the business opportunities lie.
      • You’ll be responsible for the successful launch of everything the team ships, which means being accountable for the quality of the solution and the impact that it has on both customers and the business. You’ll define meaningful outcomes and measure results against those standards to make sure we’re always meeting our high bar of excellence.
      • You’ll work alongside Sales and Product Marketing to effectively launch and market what you build, so a good understanding of their core principles will be useful, and experience valued.
A typical day for for a Product Lead at Help Scout
    • Talking with current and potential customers to understand their challenges and pain points clearly.
    • Writing insightful, clear, and helpful product briefs to ensure everyone on the team has the context they need to do their best work.
    • Remotely collaborating with your teams via video chat, docs, Trello and Slack.
    • Working with key stakeholders to define the roadmap and strategy.
    • Working closely with the design and engineering leads to define solutions to the problems you’ve outlined and prioritized.

About you

    • You’ve worked on and led cross-functional teams before, and bring a background in design or engineering to the mix.
    • You are a natural collaborator, and know the best results happen when a team is working well together. You constantly inspire them by providing context (the why) and strong evidence of the customer and business value of what they’re working on..
    • What drives you is making things people love to use. You are excited by solving complex problems in the simplest possible way, and seeing customers respond in a positive way.
    • You have a history of being able to manage the delicate balance between business and customer needs, and how to make hard decisions related to the two.
    • You lead with customer research so that you can understand customer challenges clearly and communicate them with your teammates to solve problems collaboratively.
    • You’re able to identify what a great product looks and feels like, and have the confidence to challenge the team to produce the best possible result when you know it’s not up to standard.
    • You are an empathetic, outstanding communicator, both verbally and in writing. You’re able to take complex subjects and break them down using clear, simple writing.
    • You have domain knowledge with messaging, online communication or business productivity products (B2B or B2C) so that you can lead from experience, not just raw talent.
    • You are thoughtful, organized, and disciplined. You take initiative and ownership to see things through to completion.
    • You are located between UTC-5 and UTC+1. For example, you could work 9-5 from either Nova Scotia/Boston/Brazil or UK/France.

Who you’ll work with

    • Ben Henderson, Director of Product – You’ll be reporting to Ben. Together, you’ll sharpen product strategy, execute on it daily, and document what you’re learning along the way. You’ll collaborate across business areas to ensure the whole product organization is working together effectively and towards the same goals.
    • Chris BrookinsCPO – Chris leads the Product and Engineering teams and you’ll work closely with him on the product roadmap, how the teams are working together and ensuring we’re delivering on business and customer outcomes.
    • Nick Francis, co-founder and CEO – Nick is extremely passionate about product and provides a strong vision for Help Scout. You’ll work closely with him on the business priorities of your product teams and maintaining the highest level of quality in what we ship.