Product Lead

Applied is a company on a mission – we’re passionate about hiring the best person for the job regardless of race, gender or whether you come from the wrong part of town, whether you’re not what they’re used to, or whether your dad plays golf with the CEO on weekends.

So far we’ve helped hundreds of teams hire thousands of awesome, diverse people by removing the biases inherent in hiring and helping people focus on what matters – but, as you’d hope, our sights are set much higher. Maybe you can help…

We’re looking for a Product Lead to take what we have and make it the kind of product everyone is talking about. We’re looking for someone who loves to think about ways that products can positively shape behaviour and help people achieve things they might not have thought were possible. Someone who enjoys being at the nexus of commercial strategy and engineering, and who can see the forest from the trees.

Full of opportunity and purpose, this is a role we’re certain you won’t find elsewhere. Come and do your best work with us.

About Applied

Applied is a hiring platform created to help organisations radically rethink how they select talent, so the best person gets the job every time, irrespective of their background. We’re the first spin out of the Behavioural Insights Team, and we’re passionate about using behavioural and data science to make exceptional products that scale, commercially and socially.

We’ve just closed our second round of seed investment raise. More than 50,000 candidates have applied through our platform (compared 3,629 applicants in January 2017!). And our data shows that over half of the candidates thatgot the job would have been overlooked in a normal CV sift. Every month we are on-boarding exceptional new customers, ranging from large enterprises to non-profit organisations, and entrepreneurial startups.

We’re just getting started, but so far we’ve helped fill 2,000 roles on 5 continents, from CIOs and lawyers to refugees and disaster response workers, for great companies like Penguin and Hilton, great charities like Wellcome Trust and ActionAid, as well as government departments in the UK and around the world. You can read about us in the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch and New Scientist.

The job opportunity

Our product manager should:

  • be passionate about making products that delight
  • love using data to guide action (but know that sometimes nothing can beat talking to users)
  • be able to communicate clearly (and persuasively when needs be)
  • love to collaborate with others to get things done, be resourceful, and enjoy creating and leading teams that strive to work smarter every day
  • enjoy jobs where not everything is known upfront and nutting through tough problems
  • be organised and detail-oriented enough to help the team deliver quality product

In your first 6 months you’ll:

  • help us with long term planning. At Applied we all deeply care about what we do so we all have views on the product and you’ll be key to organising and shaping our long-term roadmap. You’ll be called upon to drive strategic decisions we make on the future of the product.
  • work with the dev team to plan and execute sprints. We love scrum at Applied, it helps us get the right stuff done! Our new Product Lead will get stuck into helping our developers build sprints out of the work that matters (and make sure the team stay on track when it’s needed).
  • meet a bunch of our lovely customers. We love going and meeting our users and you’ll get a chance to visit a selection of them to learn what they think is awesome (and not so awesome) about Applied.
  • help a group of awesome companies hire wonderful people and a group of diverse applicants get the opportunity to land the role of their dreams.

Like the rest of the Applied team members you’ll benefit from:

  • equity in the business
  • open and fair pay (yep we put all payslips in the shared drive)
  • employee benefits package
  • being involved in other aspects of the business, from strategy, management and training, to shaping team culture