Product Manager

Full-Time Anywhere

Job Summary

Product Managers (PMs) take ownership for a single area of the Product and support the organisation to find and expand Product Market Fit by developing and delivering Product Initiatives (bundles of work).

Responsibilities & Duties

You are responsible for developing and delivering Product Initiatives that support us to hit our OKRs, generally this means:

  • Discovery – Understanding the market need by carrying out Primary and Secondary Research
  • Planning – Building the right Products, by identifying and prioritising potential features with stakeholders
  • Delivery – Building the Products right, supporting Engineering teams to balance the value/effort of new features during sprints
  • Launch – Communicate the Product Clearly, so that stakeholders know the value and constraint and hit our OKRs

Role Specific Skills

  • Delivery – Is able to lead a team on delivering high quality product.
  • Insight – Is able to lead a team on gathering and processing insight to significantly impact the team’s product strategy.
  • Product Strategy – Is able to lead the team on strategy for an area of the product, ensuring alignment with business goals

Core skills

  • Adaptability – Can take problems outside their skillset and quickly adapt to solve them. Helps other peers to do the same.
  • Business Context – Is actively finding business insights that they need for their work, using people from outside their team. Makes conscious trade-offs using this data. Helping team-mates to understand the business.
  • Communication – Communicates effectively with immediate peers
  • Initiative – Refuses to believe that anything is unachievable. Infectious desire to activate and progress. Like a rocket: just light the fuse.

Leadership & Management

  • Planning – Is capable of shaping and coordinating activities on project work, including those involving other colleagues or clients.
  • Stakeholder Management – Is able to proactively inform stakeholders both within and outside their organisation with pertinent and timely information, including bad news. Able to read and adapt to personalities across the organisation. Has good relationships with all key stakeholders.
  • Team Leadership – Capable of managing a larger team effectively. Protects the team, ensuring they’re always clear on the goal, but also works to create space for them to make decisions and grow. Zero ego: open and honest with intentions, goals, failings and expectations. Dependable to a fault, leading to deep trust amongst direct reports.