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Backed by major partners and with investment funding in place – This opportunity is HUGE to join a high growth start up in an extremely exciting space.

The Gut Stuff are looking for an experienced product manager to work with our female founders and community to define a single use case digital product. The initial scope of phase 1 is for 4-6 weeks of research in Q2, we’ll then look to go into build in the 2nd half of 2022…. so this could be the start of something amazing.

The digital product management task: Phase 1

We’re looking for an experienced product manager to work with our female founders and our community to define a single use case digital product. We would imagine this would be brought to life as a journey, with key screens and user needs. We will use the outputs of this phase to brief an agency in H2 2022 to develop an MVP which can be evolved with a view to launching in Jan 2023.

We are flexible about the methods you use to get us to the result, but some of the things we believe we need are

–   Research with our community to understand current and future needs  (117k + instagram followers)

–   Develop a set of use cases and score these on likely impact / ease of execution/cost

–   Build out the lead use case into journeys, needs within journeys, key screens etc

–   Validate & evolve with feedback from community

–   Write up the lead use case into a request for proposal for a 3rd party to build.

To note: This is a project “output” based role, so we can be flexible on work days and hours.

About the Gut Stuff

“ we believe gut health should be a right, not a privilege”

The Gut Stuff started as a passion project by Lisa and Alana Macfarlane, who volunteered for twin research for Tim Spector and found themselves participating at the forefront of scientific research into nutrition and the microbiome. which They discovered that even though, being identical twins, they had 100% the same DNA, they only had around 30% the same gut bacteria – which could explain their completely different health pathways. Not only that, research was uncovering the links between  with the gut microbiome to and everything from immunity to mental health, and thus their gut journey began.

With consumer knowledge low, the science emerging quickly and the category disparate and spread across food, pharma and public healthcare, the girls set about diving into every inch of the research, the market and, most importantly, what people knew and wanted.

They gathered together dietitians, nutritionists, GPs and scientists from each corner of microbiome research and was born – a hub to educate, empower and take people on the journey with them.

With a business built on education first, they were able to launch products and tools by listening and engaging with their community (now over 150k strong) and –  with half a million organic users to the site – were able to see what people were interested in and why.

They’ve since created an ecosystem to encourage daily gut habits with their first product launches of diaries, fermenting kits, tools and resources for EVERYONE to implement the simple lifestyle changes the science was uncovering.

Last year saw them enter into the world of FMCG snacking with a highly successful range of fibre bars, which are stocked across grocery, high street and online – affordable, accessible and mainstream.

In order to create this category they knew they’d have to speak in places that weren’t expecting them and understanding the links between gut health and mental health, and the cost to businesses through time away from both presenteeism and absenteeism -– they knew they could begin to disrupt workplace wellness one gut at a time. Their suite of talks and bitesize content has taken them everywhere from Balfour Beatty construction sites, the RAF, Visa, Facebook and Accenture, with “toilet takeovers” and supper clubs.

Despite the business growing rapidly they’ve never lost their roots to make systematic change, which has seated them on the NHS Food Review board,  authors of best-selling books with the top experts in the world and currently piloting modules for the UK School Curriculum. The company also achieved B Corp status this year.

Their bold marketing (yes, those pink poos on bus stops!) and passion to take gut health to the masses to make real cultural change  sets this business aside as a true challenger brand built for purpose.

The Gut Stuff have paved their way to becoming the thought leaders in the space and with awards in branding, purpose comms and workplace wellness they are a force to be reckoned with by any start-up business standards.

In a very short timeframe they’ve built out 3 key business areas that prove that customers want to buy from them, retailers want to stock them, big businesses want to work with them, the nation is eager to learn from them and that Alana, Lisa and their amazing team can make REAL change. This year sees them launching more products  as they build new pathways, guided by their loyal community to become the leading consumer ecosystem for gut health.

“Most influential woman of 2021” Start Up Magazine 

“The unlikely champions for gut health”  The Telegraph 

The straight-talking sisters are no Gwyneth Paltrow wannabes and their company isn’t part of the ‘eat like me, look like me’ brigade of Instagram. Instead, with the help of a wealth of experts researching this exciting new field, they’re on a mission to bring gut health to the masses.  Evening Standard 



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