Product Manager

Vortexa was founded to solve the immense information gap that exists in the energy industry. By using massive amounts of new satellite data and pioneering work in artificial intelligence, Vortexa creates an unprecedented view on the global flows of oil and fuels in real-time, the energy markets and society as a whole, thus enabling the society to better use the natural resources of our planet to the benefit of all.

The Challenge

Ingesting data from multiple external vastly different sources at hundreds of rich data points per second, moving terabytes of data while processing it in real-time, running complex and complicated prediction and forecasting AI models while coupling their output into a hybrid human-machine data refinement process and presenting the result through a nimble low-latency SaaS platform used by customers around the globe is no small feat of science and engineering. As answering the most fundamental and intricate questions posed by traders, analysts, shipbrokers, hedge funds and other global oil trade market participants involves an unprecedented amount of sophistication and effort, the job of ensuring that the right questions are asked and answered in the right order, to the utmost customer delight comes to the forefront.

Vortexa delivers top-notch high-quality data and market predictions through a frictionless analytics platform, consisting of API, SDK and front-end applications. The Product Team is responsible for leading collaborative product discovery to ensure solutions are usable by customers, valuable to customers, technically feasible and commercially viable. We prioritise the roadmap and backlog to align with the company strategy and vision. All while ensuring that stakeholders are aligned and the company focuses its efforts on the right functionality at the right time with clarity over the scope and KPIs.

You will be our second hire within the Product Team, a key individual contributor reporting to the Product Lead, with multiple interfaces outside of R&D. Your primary responsibility will be the product management of solutions built for our Market Research and Analysis teams, enabling them to apply their deep industry knowledge in ensuring our data is unparalleled in quality and accuracy. At Vortexa we strive to build every internal system to “customer-shippable” quality, and so when viable, these solutions will be launched to external customers. Furthermore, you will work with the wider Product Team to ensure we continue to provide a market-leading analytics platform. Your most important contribution will be to ensure that Vortexa’s product efforts are focused on the right functionality at the right time with crystal clarity over the scope of each request and roadmap item. You will split your time between working in ProdPad, our chosen tool for managing our product, where you will be clarifying and prioritising work items, driving stakeholders’ (including company CEO and CTO) alignment on the relative priorities. You will also help shape the product management function, delivery pipeline and processes, aligning industry best practices with Vortexa’s unique culture.

You Are

  • Experienced in product discovery, assessing opportunities and validating ideas
  • Analytically minded, capable of querying data sources, designing metrics and drawing high-level conclusions from them
  • Clear, impactful, focused and concise with your communication and presentation style
  • Able to think deeply about product design decisions and understand how to create simple user interfaces
  • Skilled in ruthless, yet diplomatic and inclusive prioritisation
  • Obsessed with outcomes over output
  • Enthusiastic for solving challenges
  • Experienced in leading-by-influence
  • Self-driven with a “can-do” attitude – “I’ve done my bit” has no place at Vortexa

Great If You

  • Have a proven track record of shipping impactful products
  • Have experience working with both qualitative customer insights and quantitative customer data to inform product decisions
  • Can understand the technical architecture of complex web and mobile applications
  • Can create mock-ups and prototypes to gather feedback internally and from our users
  • Are familiar with any of the following:
  • Kanban / Scrum
  • Prioritisation techniques, e.g. Kano model, Value/Risk matrix, Eisenhower Matrix
  • Prototyping software, e.g. Whimsical, Balsamiq, Figma
  • Product Management software, e.g. ProdPad, ProductBoard, Aha!

We Are

  • A vibrant company pushing ourselves and the technology to deliver beyond the cutting edge
  • A team of motivated characters and top minds striving to be the best at what we do at all times
  • Learning something new ourselves and help learn others every day
  • Acting as company owners, which all of us are – in a business-savvy and responsible way
  • Enjoying a friendly working environment
  • Not only professionals and teammates but often friends, finishing the week enjoying a glass of a favourite drink together
  • Offering a generous salary and equity opportunities

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